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Classes begin Sunday July 6th 2014 !

2014 Jul-Aug and 2015;   Mar-May   SUNDAYS
Lego(r) Engineering 2 - 4 pm
Lego(r) Robotics 4 - 6 pm

Advanced Chess 2014 Sep-Nov. Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

2014 Sep-2015 Feb - Competing Teams Only!


                                FloBots win the Best Programming Award at First Lego League UNF Qualifiers
                                7 yr old kids, "Senior Helpers", the ONLY one out of 12 junior teams to use Robots!
Leaders of Tomorrow
FloSTEM students will lead the future with their perseverance, knowledge, communication , problem solving and leadership skills.

The mission of FloSTEM is to provide an environment that nurtures creativity , independence and a desire to learn, excel and lead.

FloSTEM values professionalism (integrity, respect and responsibility), collaboration, critical and independent thinking.


For more details, please call to visit us!  A picture is worth a thousand words!

 Advantage! Entrepreneurship program.

Children need a solid foundation to succeed and gain confidence. When children dive into work without mastery or opportunity to fill gaps in their learning, they will struggle and most likely get discouraged and want to stop. Unlike other similar after-school programs, FloSTEM augments the participation in Competitions with learning in a classroom atmosphere that help identify gaps and help fill them up.

FloSTEM is for parents who:
  • Place great value in their child getting great education
  • Recognize the importance of good skills in a highly competitive and technological society and want their children to get tools needed to achieve and be successful
  • Want their child to be motivated and self-confident, to be proud of their talents and accomplishments, to be able to analyze problems, evaluate opportunities, learn from mistakes and bounce back from setback

FloSTEM is now on FaceBook!


FloSTEM is also for Home Schoolers!

If you are home schooling your child and need unique hi-tech hands on activities, FloSTEM offers shared resources for weekday mornings & afternoons that don't break the bank.

FloSTEM created course materials are licensed to schools, and educational businesses for after-school programs, summer camp and winter camp.

FloSTEM material covers the following exciting hi-tech domains:
  • Robotics for different age groups

  • Robot programming with sensors and motors

  • Automobiles, Mechanics & Structures, Renewable Energy, Pneumatics

  • Microprocessor applications
  • Mobile Application development
  • Computer graphics and digital animation
  • Digital Video/Audio editing and creation
  • Website development with database and server-side programming
  • Aeronautical and Space